What to wear to the beach in 2021


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Sustainable beachwear

The weather is improving and we’re allowed to travel to the beach… now’s the time to buy your swimwear if that 2 year old bikini/swimwear just isn’t up to scratch. Of course, if you already have swimwear that fits, is suitable and in good condition, we’d always say wear what you already have, it’s environmentally friendly! However, it might not fit, or may have lost it’s elastic… so where do you buy sustainable beachwear?

We’ve searched high and low and have found it pretty difficult to find truly sustainable beachwear. We have found a nice selection though from brands we know and trust.

Rapanui Organic Beach Towel

People Tree Beach Cover Up

Patagonia UK

Patagonia is a brand that lives and breathes the outdoors lifestyle and is on a mission to reduce the impact we have on our planet: “We aim to use the resources we have—our voice, our business and our community—to do something about our climate crisis.” ~ Patagonia

They have a great range of sustainable swimwear and a selection of their range is available to buy in the UK. Here’s our favourites: