What to wear as a wedding photographer – A female wedding photographer’s guide to winter weddings.


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As a wedding photographer (second shooter), it takes a fair bit of trial and error when it comes to what to wear when working at a wedding.

For me, comfort is a must as well as looking smart. You’re going to have a long day ahead of you, with changes in venue and varying temperatures. During winter, this is particularily challenging. You don’t want to add too much weight to the already heavy kit you’re carrying around all day but you don’t want to end up cold and caught out in the rain.

Here’s my checklist for any outfit that I wear as a wedding photographer in the winter:

Main Outfit

  • Must be comfortable – no tight waistbands
  • No low necklines
  • No short skirts, or flowing skirts!
  • No bold colours, you don’t want to stand out in other people’s photos (including the main photographer’s) so I usually wear Black, Navy or Burgundy.
  • Two coats, keep one in the boot.
    • For the ceremony, I like to arrive in a smart jacket/overcoat. It gives a good first impression on the couple and their guests.
    • After the ceremony, I switch to a more practical and weatherproof jacket.
  • Warm! If I’m wearing a dress, it’s 100 denier tights. They are less likely to ladder and keep you warm. The thermal option is even better for a winter wedding… just make sure you pack a spare pair just in case they do ladder.
  • Layers! Pack a few extra layers just in case it gets really cold. Some wedding receptions are outside even in winter and it can get very cold when waiting around between tasks. I always pack a fleece and smart jumper.


  • Must be smart
  • Lace-up shoes are best, no slip-on shoes as they easily slip off
  • Quiet soles when you walk… you definitely don’t want to be heard throughout the ceremony

Additional Tips

Don’t wear lots of jewelry, it’ll just get in the way of the camera kit. I wear my wedding rings, couples often comment and ask “I see you’re married”… that’s a good conversation starter and a way to calm their nerves.