A zero-waste system that eliminates overproduction? Sounds impossible, but TWOTHIRDS achieve this with their pre-order system.


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A zero-waste system that eliminates overproduction? Sounds impossible, but TWOTHIRDS achieve this with their pre-order system.

If you don’t order it, we don’t make it, eliminating overproduction while slowing fashion right down to a realistic pace. – TWOTHIRDS

The philosophy of fast-fashion is inherently unsustainable. If consumers are buying clothes on a continual basis, following all the trends, receiving those items within days and then discarding them within weeks or months, we end up with a lot of waste. That is just the start of it. What about all the items that get made, but are never purchased? A lot of them end up straight into landfill. By supporting fast-fashion, even if you buy “sustainably”, you are contributing to that waste.

What we love about TWOTHIRDS is their pre-order system. It slows down fashion to a pace that the planet and society can sustain. They only make clothes that have been ordered and will be worn & loved. Not only that, you have to wait for the clothing to be made before it’s sent to you. At first, this seems very strange. In a society where we are used to things we buy, arriving the next day. But when you get your head around the concept of having to WAIT for your item to arrive (sometimes months), it makes you really think about whether you need it and make purchases with intention rather than impulse. As an example, I placed an order for a t-shirt today (in September) and it wont be shipped until the end of November. This is exciting, I am already looking forward to my one and only winter jumper purchase of the year to arrive before Christmas.

*I don’t make any money from this referral, but you will recieve 15% off and so will I off my next order.

If between 10% and 30% of clothing that is produced every year ends up in landfill, this is an environmentally damaging part of the industry and has to change.

Minimising losses means a fairer price to the consumer as waste is not being factored into the price.

I think it’s important to spread the word about TWOTHIRDS and the pre-order system. When I first looked at the website, I was unsure how it worked and why I had to wait for the item. Now I know why they have the system in place, it makes me want all the sustainable companies to have this system in place. I don’t mind waiting for my item to be made, if it helps to reduce waste.

Why TWOTHIRDS? Because two-thirds of our planet are covered by ocean.

They have a vast Vegan collection, are organic, pesticide free and reduced waste water.

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