The Emperor’s Old Clothes

The Emperor's Old Clothes are a living wage employer which means every member of their team is paid the living wage or higher. The transparency of their clothes production is outlined clearly on thier website.


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This is a brand that I can’t wait to make my first purchase from. They make one of a kind clothing created from vintage + dead-stock fabrics in Brighton & Hove.

There’s two options for clothing:

  1. Design your own service
  2. Ready to wear collections

You reserve your fabric over on the Emperor’s Fabrics Instagram account if you are designing your own.

Follow The Emperor’s Old Clothing on Instagram, they have two accounts, one for fabric and one for the main business.

I’m keeping an eye on their Instagram account for the fabric of my dreams to pop up… until then, I’d love to see your creations. Please share on Instagram @fastfashionbreakup