Is your wallet/purse ethical? Sustainable, Eco-friendly & Vegan purses & wallets


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Where does the fabric that makes my bag come from? Is it sustainable and friendly to the environment? Is it vegan? We’re on the search for sustainable, vegan, environmentally friendly, fairly traded goods… here is our pick of Ethical & Eco-friendly purses & wallets available on the market today.

Elvis & Kresse – Vegan, Sustainable, Ethical & Recycled

For the crème-de-la-crème of sustainable, luxury. Elvis & Kresse is a fantastic choice. Their products are made from reclaimed Fire-hose… their brand is ethical and the items are handmade. Additionally, the entire Elvis & Kresse Fire-hose Collection is vegan.

La Bante – Vegan, Ethical, Sustainable & Recycled

London based La Bante produces luxurious handmade vegan handbags, which are ethically produced and made from recycled plastic bottles. 

MATT & NAT – Vegan, Ethical & Sustainable

MATT & NAT are a vegan brand, no animal products used in the production of any of their products. The linings inside all their bags are made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles. The materials are sustainably sourced too. Find out more about MATT & NAT ethics & sustainability policies.